Our Current Exhibit

October 2017 – April 2018


The inaugural exhibition, Survivors, is dedicated to the experiences of Holocaust survivors living in Northeast Florida. More than 70 years after the events that indelibly marked their lives, artist IngridDamiani photographed 12 survivors and their families in the places that mean the most to them.

These visual documents express the powerful legacy of their survival. The infinite ripples acrossthe generations are seen through images of shared meals, the embrace of grandchildren, the deep lovebetween lifelong partners, the sharing of stories, the symbolic importance of saved objects, the joy oflaughter between friends, and love in all its forms. This exhibition is for the survivors, their families, andfor all of us who are asked not to forget.

About the Artist

Ingrid Damiani, a Jacksonville resident, is a documentary and commercial photographer with a unique ability to tell stories that matter through her work. Damiani approaches her art with a deep sense of purpose and compassion. She spent time listening deeply to the experiences of those who lived through the Holocaust and those who loved them. The resulting images capture the intimacy of personal spaces, the joy found in loving relationships, and the complexity of emotions woven through the lives of those who lived to carry on and bear witness.

This body of work is the latest in a series of projects through which Damiani seeks to help viewers understand universal themes through personal journeys.