Holocaust Remembrance Day


Wednesday, January 26 at 7pm and Thursday, January 27 at 10am

Our program will include a virtual tour of the Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery with an early preview of our new exhibit, Art in the Holocaust, by guest curator Hope McMath. We will also be joined by Gloria Einstein on Wed Jan 26 and Irene Jaffa on Jan 27, both from the second generation group “Memories of the Holocaust: Sharing Family Stories”. And on both dates there will be a presentation by Holocaust survivor and memorial designer, Morris Bendit, and a hosted Q&A.

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Upcoming Exhibition


Jewish Family & Community Services is honored to again partner with Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, to bring “Art in the Holocaust” to the Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery.  This exhibition, containing digital images of works in the Yad Vashem Collection and stories of the artists who created them, provides a glimpse into art created during the Holocaust in ghettos, camps, forests, and while in hiding.  The artworks reflect the tension between the artists’ need to document the terrible events they endured and their desire to break free through art, and escape into the realms of beauty, imagination, and faith.

The Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery

Commemorating both unfathomable loss and the indomitable will to survive, The Frisch Family Holocaust Memorial Gallery is the first space of its kind between Atlanta and Miami.

The memorial contains a two-panel granite installation designed by Holocaust survivor Morris Bendit to remember those Jews who perished. It consists of an etched mural which depicts a map and information about the human and geographic scope of the genocide.

The gallery features exhibitions, public programs and educational tours exploring themes of human rights, individual courage, and the search for peace. The changing art on the walls serves as a platform for reflection and conversation, and the entire space is dedicated to the power of art: as a tool for remembering and as a channel for speaking truth, building understanding, and telling stories that need to be told.

Your health and safety are our top priorities.

Live Virtual Tours Are Available

Email mgwilliams@jfcsjax.org to setup a virtual tour for your group or class.

My vision for creating a Holocaust Memorial comes from the love and dedication I feel for the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust who have no resting place. A monument made from stone symbolizes the strength we have as a community to never forget them and to teach our future generations how important our history is. We must never forget.

~ Morris Bendit