“Project 4293”
A JFCS & Bolles School Partnership
Fall 2018

Remarkable things can happen when young people from very different lived experiences share space together with the intention of building authentic connection.

12 teens, half are in the Child Welfare System and half attend the Bolles School. The differences and divides seem extreme…economics, race, family, geography, societal expectations. But through art, history, conversation, and human touch threads of understanding began to bind them/us.

“The Rescuers”

A book and touring exhibition by Malka Drucker and photographer Gay Block that started at MOMA in 1992.

This project contains person reminiscences of non-Jewish citizens in various European nations who risked their lives to hide resident Jews from the Nazi horror. Most of those interviewed felt their actions were done of friendship and for people caught in a web of hatred and anti-Semitism. They did not feel that they were acting heroically, but that they were doing what was right. The portraits of each rescuer by Block are accompanied by Drucker’s text.

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“My vision for creating a Holocaust Memorial comes from the love and dedication I feel for the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust who have no resting place. A monument made from stone symbolizes the strength we have as a community to never forget them and to teach our future generations how important our history is. We must never forget.” Morris Bendit

“A Place to Come Together” Meeting Space
Chartrand Tolerance Education Center