A book and touring exhibition by Gay Block and Malka Drucker that previously debuted at New York’s  MoMA in 1992.

From 1939 to 1945 the Nazis murdered six million European Jews, an unbearable truth that marks the darkest period of modern history. Decades later, the world is ready to look through the tragedy of those years to see some light. Photographer Gay Block and writer Malka Drucker spent three years photographing and interviewing over 100 people who hid, protected, and saved Jews in Europe during World War II.

Rescuers cannot easily explain why they had the strength to act righteously, nor do their life stories always offer a clue. History gives no promises, but rescuers offer hope, revealing that goodness is, indeed, part of the human spirit.

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“Project 4293”
A JFCS & Bolles School Partnership

Remarkable things can happen when young people from very different lived experiences share space together with the intention of building authentic connection.

12 teens, half are in the Child Welfare System and half attend the Bolles School. The differences and divides seem extreme…economics, race, family, geography, societal expectations. But through art, history, conversation, and human touch threads of understanding began to bind them/us.

“My vision for creating a Holocaust Memorial comes from the love and dedication I feel for the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust who have no resting place. A monument made from stone symbolizes the strength we have as a community to never forget them and to teach our future generations how important our history is. We must never forget.” Morris Bendit

“A Place to Come Together” Meeting Space
Chartrand Tolerance Education Center


  • Morris Bendit
    Morris was born in 1941 in the town of Chernovitz in the Ukraine. When Morris was only two months...
  • Manfred Katz
    Manfred was born in a small German town, where only five other Jewish families resided. His family faced regular...
  • Bob Fischer
    Bob’s father went to town to have the children’s’ shoes repaired and was never seen again. His mother led...
  • Leonid Arbitman
    When his mother was pregnant with Leonid, he was evacuated from Kiev to Chelvabinsk, where Leonid was born....
  • Natan Koifman
    Natan was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1931. His family moved to Moscow, Russia due to employment opportunities. When...
  • Alla Makhtina, Foma Izrailevich, & Roman Makhtin
    Foma was born in 1935 in Minsk, Russia. During the war he was in Tataurovo, Russia, a small Siberian...
  • Jeff Levitsky
    Jeff was born in Leningrad, historically and currently known as St. Petersburg, Russia. Between 1941 and 1944 the German...
  • Esfir Sonis
    Esfir and her family fled to Uzbekistan from their home of Odessa, Ukraine during the Nazi invasion. After the...
  • Perry Mibab
    Born in 1933 Perry was the youngest of seven children in a family living in Labima Valinsk, Poland, a...
  • Yan & Nelli Murashkovsky
    Both Nelli and Yan were born in Kiev and fled as children with their families to Uzbekistan in 1941....
  • Ella & Lev Ladzhinsky
    At age 5, Lev and his mother, father and sister were forced from their home in Tulchin, Ukraine and...